SIMEKA’S EFFECTIVE SHAREHOLDING: 45,6% (Controlled through a structure)

Vusani Property Investments has an extensive national property portfolio consisting of 19 commercial and retail properties comprising 150 000 m2 of lettable space.

Vusani Property Investments is one of the pioneers of black economic empowerment in the commercial property sector of South Africa.
Vusani means “awaken” in Venda.

Vusani Property Investments was established in October 2005 by a consortium consisting of the Sifikile Group, Simeka and the management of Vusani Holdings. This led to one of the most significant and largest black empowerment transactions in the commercial and retail property industry, at the time.

The various shareholders have extensive and varied experience in property, in various sectors of the property field. These include retail, commercial, and inner-city accommodation and renewal. With Vusani’s rich property experience and established business and public sector networks, Vusani is well poised to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the property industry. The direct involvement by our shareholders in the management and operation of the organisation, in addition to the equity holdings by black entrepreneurs ensures that Vusani is already ahead in meeting the ideals of the Property Sector Charter.

1st Floor, 158 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank PO Box 2603, Parklands, 2121
+27 11 447 2160 +27 11 447 2573